As a renowned fitness and lifestyle coach who has personally struggled with being overweight and raised three children as a single mother. Dede has learned firsthand that lasting change and creating the body and life of your dreams begins with understanding and living by three main principles. 

"The only boundaries that exist, are the ones that you have placed upon yourself!" 

As a successful single working mother of three, Dede and her team offers guidance and direction based upon her personal experiences; as well as her experience in working with countless clients from all over the U.S.

Dede will give you the guidance and support to help determine, target and fix the areas that are preventing you from achieving your ultimate lifestyle & fitness goals. Through her vast experience and training, she will provide you with a customized plan of action and step-by- step guidance in order to help you achieve and maintain permanent lifelong changes so that you can transform into the perfect you!  

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