A dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker who loves to interact with her audience, Dede has written a powerful book, “TRANSFORM” which is based on her personal experiences and methods that have changed the lives of countless people from all over the world; as well as her own. Transform truly is the “Secret to unlocking the perfect you." And fitness and lifestyle expert Dede Barbanti will personally take you on a step-by-step journey through her her own life experiences; as well as the lives of her personal clients. Dede's groundbreaking methods and techniques will teach you her innovative three step principles to getting the body and life of your own design...permanently!

Her no holds barred approach will help you identify and tackle the real issues of your weight loss merry go round; or the reasons why you may feel lost, stuck or frustrated within your personal and professional life. Dede will help you unlock the resources within, so you can stop the madness and achieve anything you want in life.

TRANSFORM is about harnessing the power that is already within you and challenging you to lead a life of your own design.

In this 2 hour show you will:

  • Identify your “Core Barriers." which are the fears or unproductive patterns that hold you back from ACHIEVING your ultimate goal; somehow repeating the same diet, weight loss and life goals merry-go-round. 

  • Create balance and momentum in your life to make difficult things become effortless.

  • Develop powerful new routines that will implement a fail-safe system to ensure long term success.

  • learn the right types of exercises for your body and how to eat correctly so that you eat more of the right foods; and turn you body into a fat burning machine.

  • Harness the power within yourself to manifest success, good health, happiness, wealth and true life balance.

TRANSFORM will give you the answers you have been searching for and will help you lay a solid foundation to achieve your best body and best life, permanently. NO HYPE, just real answers and real results!

Please see our event's page for the premiere of Dede's "TRANSFORM LIVE," show for 2017.