“What I’ve learned from my own experiences and through working with my clients, is that people underestimate their true potential. Life balance, state of heart and frame of mind is the foundation and key to achieving your best life!”

Dede is one of the most powerful and influential speakers of this time. Outspoken, fiery, transparent and passionate; Dede will emotionally move you to evaluate and take action towards living your best life now! As a renowned fitness creator, lifestyle coach, soul memory discovery facilitator and single mother of three; her work has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fit Celeb, ABC, KTLA, FOX and several other media outlets. Dede is dedicated to helping individuals transform their bodies and quality of life through her own personal experiences as well as the success she has achieved with countless people around the world.

What began as one woman’s desire to help individuals achieve their best life; has turned into a crusade to inspire and help raise the vibration of each life in this world. Dede is passionate about challenging people to break unproductive patterns, step outside of themselves, live bolder and pursue the goals that inspire them – personally and professionally – with greater clarity, confidence and courage. Dede’s speaking engagements will make you laugh, think and challenge yourself to be the best that you can be! Dede has a true gift to help people discover how to become everything they desire by realizing the powerful resources all people already possess; and the courage, determination and drive to change and create anything that you want in life.

Dede has helped countless people by sharing her breakthrough methods in fitness, nutrition and personal fulfillment. Her no-nonsense approach and lively sense of humor opens the hearts of all who hear her. 

Through her book “TRANSFORM” and her LIVE presentations, Dede’s message will touch the hearts and rekindle the spirits of millions of people throughout the world. NO HYPE, just real answers and real results!

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