Dede, along with her business partner Paco Evangelista, have created some of the most exciting and innovative dance-style workouts in the fitness world today; BBX Fitness (Boogie Box), BBX Body Blast and BBX Hardcore. Dede's fitness programs have been scientifically tested and proven to burn up to 1100 calories an hour and sculpt lean muscle without the use of equipment. 

BBX Fitness creates, produces and distributes a variety of products and services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. As a single mother of three, Dede understands that time and money are of the essence; and the team at BBX are ambassadors of well-being in a society grappling with financial challenges and ever-more-complex time demands.

BBX offers a dynamic website where you can find LIVE classes in your area, or get certified as an instructor to bring live BBX Fitness classes to your hometown.

 coming april 2017...the launch of bbx on demand!

access a full library of bbx cardio conditioning & body blast, strength & toning videos 24/7 and stream from any device, ROKU, APPLE TV or AMAZON FIRE AT ANY TIME. 


BBX is a high energy, adrenaline pumping dance-style workout, like no other, that is sure to get you addicted! Innovative and highly effective, you can't find BBX at any gym! Visit our "videos" page to see our Universal DVD sizzle reel. 

Visit the BBX website to get 2 WEEKS FREE on our ON DEMAND site, find a LIVE class in your area or to get information about getting certified.